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Tony Stead

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Tony Stead


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Relevant Experiences

    • Fourteen years experience teaching in elementary schools, Grades K-6.
    • United States State and National Level Conferences/Institutes, Workshop Presentations and In School
    • Demonstrations For Teachers and/or Principals, Parents and Administrators (1997-2003)
    • Senior National Literacy Consultant for Mondo Publishing Company
    • Conducted a six day seminar for The International School Of Beijing (1993).
    • Lectured on a sessional basis in Language and Literacy Education for the Bachelor of Education Course at the University of Melbourne (1986, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92).
    • Full time lecturer in Language and Literacy Education for the Bachelor of Education course at the University of Melbourne (1988, 93, 95).


Diploma of Teaching Primary. Melbourne State College. Victoria, Australia 1979.
Graduate Diploma of Arts. Phillip Institute of Technology, Coburg, Australia 1983
Master of Education, Education Study. University of Melbourne, Australia 1995.

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