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Reading: Comprehension

Strengthening Comprehension with The Super Six Comprehension Strategies
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Improve the reading comprehension of all students with the “Super Six” research based comprehension strategies. Dozens of new and innovative lessons to strengthen your students’ comprehension will be modeled and shared by literacy coach and author, Lori Oczkus. The “Super Six Comprehension Strategies” include predicting/inferring, questioning, monitoring, summarizing, evaluating, and making connections. Come and learn dozens of practical lessons you can use with the whole class, during guided reading, and in literature circles. Learn to motivate students to read and give them powerful tools to deeply understand both fiction and nonfiction texts. Ideas will be shared from Lori Oczkus’ book Super Six Comprehension Strategies: 35 Lessons and More For Reading Success (Christopher Gordon, 2004). P. David Pearson says Lori’s book is “… the right book at the right time.” If you want your students to improve their comprehension this workshop is for you!

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workshop offered as full-day, half-day or conference session

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Reading: Comprehension

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Strengthening Comprehension with The Super Six Comprehension Strategies