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Reading: Nonfiction

Teaching Kids to Comprehend Informational Text: Strategies for Success
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How can we boost comprehension scores and meet standards? How can we encourage students to read and better understand nonfiction texts? Come and learn new and exciting ways to develop a classroom environment where students love to read and study nonfiction. Dozens of innovative yet practical strategies for teaching students to comprehend nonfiction texts will be included. Build your nonfiction instruction on practical strategies that include developing a classroom of inquiry build on student questions, or wonders. Lori will also share dozens of motivating and engaging whole class lessons as well as guided reading ideas especially for nonfiction. Her unique spin on reciprocal teaching makes nonfiction literature circles a natural. Loriís presentation will feature hands on activities to use tomorrow and dozens of practical lessons based on both of her comprehension books; Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension (International Reading Association, 2003) and Super Six Comprehension Strategies: 35 Lessons and More For Reading Success (Christopher Gordon, 2004).

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Reading: Nonfiction

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Teaching Kids to Comprehend Informational Text: Strategies for Success